How we proceed in The Heart of Art Contest

New Conditions

The votes on the Posts are publicly available and we don’t see any problem to show them like journalists in our Open Rankings. However we cannot give awards with that photos, since we don’t have the specific acceptance of the Participant as GDPR Regulation requires.

Now we don’t see the voters of the Open Contest and we cannot see the unique and strange votes.

On the other side our Secret Contest has your approval to use your photos and other personal data for the purpose of the Contests and works of the group and portal. So, we can give awards from the Rankings of the Secret Contests.

Another issue from GDPR is that the Participants must be at least 16 years old when they agree to our Terms and Relation. We need your help. Please report to us cases of younger people. Our policy is to reject younger people to participate in Contests, since the Contests are very time consuming and very competitive. We follow this policy from the very beginning of our group. We don’t give Rule 12 membership to young people. We don’t accept artworks done by young people even if that are posted by their mother or father. Please report to us any such insistence.

How we proceed

The first 2 weeks of the Contest will be for the completion and examination of the Participation Forms and Rule 12 memberships. The 3rd week we can start the Secret Contest.

During the 3rd week the group will be accepting new Posts but these will not participate for the Awards and there participation forms will not be taken into account.

The last days of the 3rd week the group will keep the new Posts in the Pending Room and let them get into the right next Contest.

We may give the Awards before the new opening. However we can keep the Secret Contest for some more days in the new Contest. For the time being, we decide to stop the Secret Contest 1 day before the opening of the new Contest as we did up to now.

So, we give Awards by Artists, Awards by Public and Special Awards based on the Rankings of the Secret Contest.

In case we have equal score in the Secret Contest Rankings we will use the Open Rankings and of course the votes of those who accepted our Terms and have completed Participation Form.

If you like to participate in the Contest send your post and participation form in the beginning of the Contest and not later than the end of second week.

Vote in for Open Rankings and support the participants. But vote in the Secret Contest for the Awards.

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